Don’t have a babysitter for New Year’s Eve? No problem… throw a party at your house and tell your friends to bring their kids! We’ve got lots of ideas for how you can make children feel included in the party while still allowing you to have some time for adult conversation.

Since your children are home from school, take the opportunity to teach them how to be a good host/hostess. Have them help you with all the party preparations…

  • Have the children label the various stations at your party by cutting out colorful paper letters that you’ve traced ahead of time. Have one station labeled DRINKS, one labeled FOOD, etc.
  • Have the children make tissue paper flower centerpieces for the adult and children’s dinner tables.
  • Ask the children to help you make and hang streamers and garlands before your guests arrive.
  • Work together to take the Christmas ornaments off your tree and decorate it with balloons or all silver ornaments instead.
  • Have fun making DIY party favors for your guests.
  • Let the children help you make family friendly desserts.
  • Make alcohol-free, festive looking drinks so that your children can take part in the toast at midnight.

The day of the party, set up a separate room for children. Have a crafts table and a separate table for eating. Perhaps you can even bring a tv in the room so that they can watch movies, play video games, etc. as you all wait for the countdown to midnight. Other ideas to keep the children busy…

  • Have a children’s table set up with a tablecloth where children write their favorite memory from the past year and one New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year. Save the tablecloth and have them add to it year after year so that you have a cherished family memory.

New Year’s Resolution Tablecloth

  • To get your adult guests in on the fun, ask them to write something they are wishing for during the upcoming new year on a pre-cut notecard. Then pin their wish on a tinsel streamer to add to your party decor.
  • Set up an arts and crafts station for the children to make party hats for all your guests out of brightly colored paper, glitter, pom-poms, beads, sequins, pipe cleaners, ribbon, etc.
  • At the party, the children can also make paper plate clocks so that you can teach them about telling time as midnight approaches and help build their excitement for the countdown.

DIY New Year’s Paper Plate Clock –

Lastly, you may have noticed that we’ve chosen brightly colored decorations, drinks, and food. For New Year’s, we like to add a touch of sunshine to our homes to combat the cold gray weather outside. We like to go against the grain with our color scheme rather than choosing the typical black and white or blue and silver New Year’s colors.

Enjoy the party and happy 2014!

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